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Casino inLittle Rock, Arkansas, now part of QCI

Bryan Stanbridge, Director of Planning and Analysis of Saracen Casio Resort, said: "QCI's platform is a game changer. It will allow us to have a better understanding of our operation, make impactful, strategic decisions, and also allow our hosts to improve on the already state-leading customer service experience."

Meanwhile, Dr. Ralph Thomas, CEO of QCI, stated: "Saracen Casino Resort's decision to select our QCI Enterprise Platform shows the importance of continually developing products that truly fit our customers' needs.

"Saracen Casino Resort, one of over 100 casino resorts actively using the QCI platform,Online Casino Games is a great example of how gaming is growing throughout the US."

Recently, Global Payments Gaming Solutions teamed with Saracen Casino Resort, bringing the casino a new payment platform. The agreement aims to enhance consumer satisfaction with BetSaracen, the sports betting division of Saracen Casino Resort.

With this partnership in place, Saracen Casino Resort alleges it is the first company in Arkansas to incorporate Global Payments Gaming Solution's technology after the state legalised mobile sports betting.

Carlton Saffa, CMO at Saracen Casino Resort, added: “By leveraging innovative technology from Global Payments into our sports betting app, BetSaracen is providing our customers with the latest technology to keep personal information safe.

“Early in our mobile gaming development, Global Payments provided us with a wide variety of gaming and payment options. We are confident that our partnership with Global Payments’ VIP Preferred will continue to create a seamless payment process that furthers our connection with patrons.”